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30 Days To Minimal Blogging is an interactive, 30-day journey to a stunningly more mindful blogging experience. Presented in 5 powerhouse sections, this guide gets to the heart of what you need — from how to create balance in your blogging career to monetizing your blog.
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Our Story

Blog Milk Ltd is an independent, multidisciplinary design studio.
Through founder and Creative Director Ana Degenaar’s interest in web and graphic design,
minimalism, photography, art, architecture and technology, a reinvention
comes to the fore, giving Blog Milk’s clients the opportunity to not only purchase a product or design but to embark
on the personal journey of mindfulness amidst their web pursuits.
The shop is an original Blog Design concept, created in 2012 by Ana Degenaar after working exclusively on Web Design for several years - and realizing how time-consuming and expensive it all turned out to be, she wanted to give Bloggers the opportunity of having a beautifully crafted theme that was still affordable and customizable.
We create a diverse range of work across a variety of disciplines, including
but not limited to Print Design, Identity and Web Design. We use a combination
of forward-thinking design, minimal aesthetics and
thoughtful planning to construct solutions that connect with people.
Website Design and Development
We design and build websites that have their own unique language and personality by meshing our clients' views and translating it all into a minimal and functional experience for their visitors. We believe in making the process pleasurable for both the client and the user.
As part of the experience, we believe in the importance of having a seamless feel that ties your digital brand in with fresh, sharp and clean physical products. We deliver the digital version of your print items so you can pick the best printing service for you.
Brand Identity
We work closely with our clients to produce simplistic, mindful yet engaging visual identities that take their businesses and careers to a new level. We provide a service that is meant to satisfy the client’s needs while appealing to viewers with diverse design values.
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